The Club for Sharing Items & Skills

Share Items
& Skills

Share Local provides members the opportunity to share items and skills without money.
In our club, “Every home is a Library”.
Reduce financial pressures, make better use of your resources and build a strong, resilient community in your local area.

Lend/Borrow or Swap

Swap or Loan your items for another members items/skills, or, Borrow items using points.
No Ownership Change

Giveaway (pay it forward)

Gift your unneeded items so others can enjoy them. Paying it forward is good for the community and your happiness.
Change of Ownership


Trade them using TCP points or via a direct swap for another item or skill (service).
Change of Ownership

We require a hub in Mount Barker to be used as a place for exchanges to take place. Sometimes your home is not the best location for members to collect items so we will offer a hub to drop off and collect items during an exchange. This hub will also offer a place to hangout and gain knowledge while you have a coffee and chat, read a book or a meetup space for Share Local groups

Do you have or know someone who could donate an unused building or land in central Mt Barker?
Please get in touch via the button below if you can assist

Share Your Stuff & Get Access to Heaps of other Stuff

Share Local offers the opportunity for members to Loan items for another member to Borrow where ownership does not change, it provides the ability to use the item but the loaner retains ownership of the item. It works like a library, items we own are offered for others to use, in turn, we get access to a whole bunch of items other members own.

Members must respect and care for borrowed items like they would their own. To counter risk of damage, a deposit can be agreed upon prior to lending, exchange forms signed and rating/reviews displayed on member profiles after completing the exchange.

Members can also perform a complete ownership exchange by Giving an item or service for Free or Trade via a direct swap or by using points.

Share Local does not allow exchanging using money

Everyone has something to offer & share


Music collection
Book collection
Gardening tools
Gardening machinery
Tradie/workshop tools
General tools
Electrical appliances
Kitchen tools/appliances
Baby equipment
Clothes – Adult, Child, Baby
Fashion accessories
Fruit & Veg
Home brew
Industrial/farming equipment
Office equipment
School equipment/uniforms
Sports equipment


Picking up shopping
Walking/washing dogs
Teaching an instrument or skill
House cleaning
Home handyman/renovations
General labouring
Car maintenance
House/pet sitting
Professional services:
Alt. Medicine
Web design
Graphic design

Benefits to You, Earth & Community


no money needed

Share Local helps members release their dependence on financial systems giving power back to individuals and the community via bartering & swapping.



The circular economy benefits the environment by sharing resources already in the community leading to less waste and landfill issues.


social sharing

When neighbors pull together to help each other, it brings people together building strength, trust and happiness. Share Local facilitates this via exchanges & interacting in Share Local groups.

How to Loan & Borrow Items

Our 4 elements to a secure Loan exchange; Member Verification, Item Deposit, Exchange Form and Review/Rating, Offers piece of mind and security for both parties in a Loan and builds trust for all members.  Read more…

Member Verification


Build trust by verifying your id. A Share Local Admin will process submitted ID’s and a badge Verified Member will be placed on profiles to display the member has confirmed their identity

Item Deposit

Deposit of value

You can ask the borrowing member for a deposit to be made as security of the lent item in the form of any agreed value, once the item is returned the deposit is also refunded

Exchange Form

freeomy exchange form

When loaning goods, the Share Local Exchange Form can be printed, filled in and signed by both parties at loan start and upon return. This is a formal agreement

Review & Rating

member reviews

The Review and Rating system is available to all members once an exchange has been completed to inform club Members of the outcome. This continues to build trust